Best Shayari Collection Online

All Types of Shayari in Hindi – In this modern age, people have forgotten the sweet and everlasting essence of Shayari. Romantic Shayari has long been a foolproof method used by our forefathers to express their love.

Well, there are loads of websites available on the internet from where you can get cute, romantic Shayari, Dosti Shayari and emotional Shayari in Hindi.

That’s not all; there are various other categories for you to choose from. All of these latest Shayari are in Hindi which will help you to convey your feelings effortlessly In this generation of WhatsApp and Facebook texts, being unique is a credit in itself.

So if you want to propose to your ladylove or convey what you feel for her, then Shayari is exactly what you need to add the extra uniqueness and romantic touch to your proposal. Check out all the friendship shayari that are available online, and from there you can choose the best ones for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Romantic Shayari for Girlfriend in Hindi Fonts

इक झलक जो मुझे आज तेरी मिल गयी मुझे फिर से आज जीने की वजह मिल गयी

Beautiful Shayari in English Font for Love

jab aankho aankho mai baat hoti ho toh jubaan ki kya himmat

Love Shayari for Boyfriend in Hindi Language

तुम मिले तो लगा मुझे ऐसे, पिछले जन्म की बिछड़ी मेरी रूह मिली हो मुझे जैसे

Best Love Shayari in Hindi Fonts for Fiance.

इंतजार तो बस उस दिन का है जिस दिन तुम्हारे नाम के पिछे हमारा नाम लगेगा.

Funny Romantic Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend 

Kehna hi pada usko yeh khat padh kar humara Kambakhat ki har bat muhabbat se bhari hai.

Two Line Romantic Shayari in English Font

Sadak se Mahekti hui Hawa ka Zokaa Lehraiye too Lagta hai ke Tum Ho.

2 Line Shayari on Love in English Font

Hamne Dekha Tha Shok-E-Nazar ki Khaatir Ye Na socha Tha k Tum Dil Mai Utar jaaoge!!

Best Shayari on Love in English Language. 

Ab To Shayad Hi Mujse Muhabbat Karay Koi Meri Ankhon Main Tum Saaf Nazar Atay Ho.

Romantic 4 Line Shayari in Hindi for love

Sukun milta hai jab unse baat hoti hai Hazar raaton mein wo ek raat hoti haiNigah uthakar jab dekhte hain wo meri taraf Mere liye wohi pal poori kaaynat hoti hai.

Two line Romantic Shayari in Hindi Font.

जिन्दगी में ‘कुछ’ चीजे भुलाई नही जा सकती मेरी जिन्दगी में सब ‘कुछ’ सिर्फ तुम ही हो

2 Line Cute Romantic and Love Shayari 

Ab Tak Wahan Utartey Hai Khushbuo’n k Qaafley, Bhoolay Se Likh Diya Tha Tera Naam Jis Jaga.!!

Romantic and Love Shayari for Boyfriend

Tum jis Rastey se Chaho Aa jaana, Mere Charo Taraf Mohabbat Hai.

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